Scavenger Hunt Tour

"We’ll See You Outside!" Scavenger Hunt Tour

Covey ChurchWhere is the O’Brien County Freedom Rock located? What is your favorite image?

Referring to the sign, posted at the location, what year was the Covey Church established?

Who is the artist whose signature is on the Sanborn Roundhouse & Turntable Mural?

What type of building now stands on the site of the town of Old O’Brien on Hwy 10?

What fabric print is hanging in the window of the fabric store in downtown Paullina?

How many doors are on the depot in Sheldon?

What shape is the monument located in Calumet City Park?

What is engraved above the front doors at the Hartley Elementary School?

What historical happening, noted on the rock, is memorialized at the junction of Hwy 18 and Olive Ave?

A hitching post is located at Heritage Park in Primghar. By looking on the plaque, what family donated this? 

How many grain bins are in the town of Gaza?

How many headstones are inside of the fence in the Pioneer Cemetery located on Tanager Avenue?

Check out the Philby Corner sign on L56. What year was Philby Corner established?

What are the names of two beauty shops in Sutherland? 

What message is scrolling on the new 4-by-8-foot electronic sign in downtown Archer? 

How many steps lead up to the front door of the Lutheran Church in Germantown?

Stop by the Prairie Queen Museum to check out the hours of operation etched on the glass of the front door.

O’Brien County Tourism hopes that you have enjoyed this adventure discovering great locations in O’Brien County. Post a photo of you at your favorite spot to our Instagram page - #tourobriencounty or our Facebook page – Tour O’Brien County. Stay safe and let the fun begin!

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