Steuck Cemetery

Steuck CemeterySteuck Cemetery - 3646 Tanager Ave
43°07.248  N; 95°32.706 W

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In June,1900, Immanuel Lutheran purchased one acre in the southwest corner of the NW quarter of Section 23 from Fred G. Steuck for $35.00.  Courthouse records demonstrate that in September of the same year, Fred reassumed ownership of the same parcel.  The plot had been used as a family cemetery prior to the deed.  It has been described as largely a family cemetery because most of its inhabitants are related.



Anna SteuckAnna Marie SteuckAnna's Headstone
July 31, 1811 - November 28, 1892

Anna (Raetz) married Friedrich Steuck in 1841. Friedrich died in the Franco Prussian War.  She was the first to be buried in the SE corner of the cemetery.






SteucksFriedrich W. Steuck, 1880 - 1972
Minnie Steuck, 1874 - 1957

Fred W. Steuck came to this country from Germany in 1881.  He stayed in Dubuque to earn money to send for the rest of the family.  He eventually purchased land in  Center Township.  He continued to correspond with Minnie Schultz in Germany and finally convinced her to join him in America.  They were married December 14, 1900 and raised seven children on their farm.  






John BrinkertJohn Brinkert, Sept 26, 1845 - Feb 12 1909
Minnie Brinkert, Dec 21, 1852  - July 15, 1909
John and Minnie Brinkert immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1869.  In 1889, they moved to O’Brien County.  They were parents of seven children, three surviving to adulthood -Emma, Henry and Herman.  They left many descendants who remained in the area.




Michael SteuckMichael Steuck 
April 24, 1845 - November 16, 1901

 With four small children, Michael and Justina Steuck left Germany for America in 1879.  Steuck VerseIncluded on the journey was Anna, Michael’s mother.  The family settled in Center Township where five more children were born. Michael built the house and planted trees.  In 1885, two acres of land in the northeast corner of the farm were donated to Immanuel Lutheran Church for building purposes.  The Steuck Family was a staunch supporter of this church for many years. 

Many of the stones have inscriptions in German.  The verse on the side of Michael’s stone translates,  “Jesus died for me and his death is gain for me.  He has to me given this blessing.  From here I will come with joy for him out of this world and enter into his beautiful heaven of God.  There I will be in everlasting.”  A heavenly city is depicted on the front of the stone with the inscription, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”


Edith SteuckEdith Elsa Augusta Steuck
March 13, 1917 - June 21, 1918

Edith Elsa Augusta Steuck, is the daughter of  Gustav and Elsa Steuck who were married in 1910. (Gustav was a son of Michael and Justina Steuck.)  Gus and Elsa lived on the farm 1/2 mile south of the cemetery where they erected buildings and planted the pine trees along the road.







Stephen Spengler - Sept 22, 1831 - Jan 10, 1894 

Stephen is the only non-relative in the plot.  The circumstances are unknown.


Native Prairie

This cemetery on a native prairie boasts a colorful parade of purples, yellows, whites,  ambers and reds throughout the season. Pioneer cemeteries are often an ideal place to see prairie remnants.