Little Sioux River

Little Sioux River at Sunset in O'Brien County

I Love it here!

Location: Little Sioux River by the Prairie Heritage Center

Name: Charlene Elyea

Residence: Hartley, Iowa

What, Who, How or Why attracts you to this place?

This view makes my soul happy! It changes every season, every day, every hour! The hills and sky are dynamic and filled with treasures.

What makes you happy about O’Brien County?

O’Brien County’s communities are amazing. From the libraries to the schools to the community organizations, there are always plenty of things going on to take part in. There are also many recreational activities and spaces to enjoy.

One memory of “touring” O’Brien County:

One of my favorite spring activities is looking for pasque flowers on the slopes of the Little Sioux River. When you find one, you know that spring has arrived!

What is one of your favorite quotes?

“Imagination is an important as knowledge.” Albert Einstein