Day Trip #1 Glacial Trail Scenic ByWay


Glacial Trail Scenic ByWay logoThe Glacial Trail By-way Day Trip is the first in O'Brien County Tourism Day Trip series. 

The Glacial Trail Scenic By-way is a pleasant 36 mile loop through O’Brien and Clay counties. To begin this journey, follow Highway 10 east from Sutherland to County Road M12. Turn onto M12 or stay on Highway 10. The loop will bring you back to where you started. Watch for the brown Glacial Trail Scenic Byway signs with the buffalo. 

This day trip gives plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Dog Creek is known for fishing, camping, swimming and picnicking. The historic towns of Lynn Grove and Peterson are along this byway as well as the site of O’Brien, the first town in O’Brien County. Be sure to stop at the Prairie Heritage Center, where the buffalo roam and the old Waterman Cemetery is located nearby. Save enough time to explore the center itself, where you can learn about our prairie history, wildlife and native vegetation.

Little Sioux River in O'Brien CountyWilson Avenue, just west of where the Little Sioux River crosses Highway 10 southeast of Sutherland, provides additional sightseeing prospects. Turning south, you will find the Dutch Fred Immigrant Grave, which you can observe from a distance or take a hike out to the grave marker. Turning north on Wilson Avenue takes you past Austin Hill Prairie. If you venture farther along Wilson and then east on Waterman Blvd., you will discover the Hill Scenic picnic area. After a quick turn-around, you will soon be back to Highway 10 and the Austin Hill Prairie.

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