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The Ambassadors Project

O'Brien County Tourism has partnered with four bloggers who will utilize their platforms to promote tourism in O'Brien County through the Ambassadors Project.

This program will provide an excellent opportunity for our communities and organizations to showcase what makes O'Brien County unique and a great place to live, work and enjoy life.

This program was made possible in part by funding from Travel Iowa.

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Follow these bloggers and their social media networks:

Each blogger will be given itineraries, attractions, and things to do. They'll stay the night and will try our restaurants. They will each share their experiences on their blogs and social media networks. 

Follow our social media accounts to keep up on these and other happenings. 

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05/13/22 -

4/26/22 -

4/20/22 - 

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3/30/22 - 

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3/24/22 - 

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3/23/22 - 

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3/22/22 - - O'Brien County Gets Grant to Bring Bloggers to County

3/20/22 - Country Pilgrim - Look for the O'Brien County feature around 4:10.

2/14/22 - - O'Brien County to Welcome Travel Bloggers

1/21/22 - O'Brien County Economic Development Commission news release - O'Brien County Tourism Awarded Grant for Ambassador Project