Day Trip #2 Sample Food From Our Land

Photo of strawberries

Gettings Garden

Sample juicy, fresh strawberries at Gettings Garden where their business is berries! Make it a family affair picking your own fruit or purchasing pre-picked produce. Sample a shake, dig into a piece of pie or take home some preserves. 

The Country Barn Winery

Sip an award-winning thick bodied red wine - Midsummer Night Dream - which will leave you dreaming for more! The Country Barn Winery offers a selection of wines available for purchase at locations throughout the county.

Solsma's Punkin Patch and Fireworks

Solsmas's Punkin Patch and Fireworks provides acres of space to roam. Fireworks season is June 1 - July 8. You can also pick up some Ruby Red popcorn! Food trucks are on site occassionally. Check out their Facebook page for details.

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