If These Walls Could Talk Tour Questions and Rules

If These Walls Could Talk

Tour Questions and Rules

Sheldon, Iowa
Time After Time, 902 3rd Ave
 - In what year was this building completed? (Hint …  Look up!)

Prairie Queen Museum, 319 10th St
 - Check out the flag memorial in front of the museum.  To whom is it dedicated and when? 

Archer, Iowa
Blue Monkey, 301 Main St
 - Where was the postmaster locked up during the attempted robbery of this bank in 1924?  Look for a clue card along near the door.

Sanborn, Iowa
Paradox, 204 Main St
 - What year is engraved on the wall of this special place?

Carnegie Library, 107 W 2nd St
 - Visit the library and peer into the urn upon the steps to find both the question and the answer while learning more about this historic building.

Primghar, Iowa
Bill’s Cabin, 670 3rd St SE
 - What green of the golf course does the balcony overlook? 

Cobblestone Court (Formerly known as Thompson Arms Inn and Suites), 380 2nd St SE
 - What county government office was once housed in this building?
Seek the clue and the answer along the west wall of the entrance.

Primghar Rec Center, 220 3rd ST NW
 - This building has served the community for many years in many different ways.  Look for a picture hidden in a window along the south wall.  How many men and animals are in the photo?

Paullina, Iowa
ND Millworks, 104 S Rutledge St
 - What type of cars were assembled here?

Old Market Antiques & Bock Suites, 113 N Main
 - What color is the paint on the window trim of this magnificent old shop?

Sutherland, Iowa
Bogenrief Studios, 220 W Southern St
 - What are the main colors used in the stain glass sign near the entrance of the studio?

Rumors, 107 Main St
 - A clever play on words is depicted by the sign above the door.  What image is on the sign?

Willoway, 409 Ash St
 Search the walls and find the date that this building was constructed.

Hartley, Iowa
Grounded (Formerly called Mae B’s), 50 2nd ST SW
 - What does the word printed on all of the windows of the store encourage you to do?

Formerly the Classic Closet, 121 S Central Ave
 - Who were the original owners of this building?  Their name is engraved high upon the building.

Social Distancing Rules:  
• The health and safety of all Iowans is our utmost importance. 
• Remember to practice safe social distancing 
• Travel in your vehicle only with your own family members. 
• Call ahead or stop at your local restaurant for a to-go box to enjoy while you are exploring.

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