Calument Buildings

The History of the Calumet Hospital

Dr. C.L. Sievers received his education from Sioux City Medical College and registered in 1904 as a physician in O’Brien County. 1  Dr. Sievers dreamed of a beautiful country practice. He received his medical diploma about 1908 and established an office over what is now the café. Being successful in his medical practice, Dr. Sievers decided to establish a hospital in Calumet. He made plans for a lovely home hospital in approximately the year 1909. Mr. H. Wiese and Gus Meir helped him to build, together with a man from Quakertown. Dr. Sievers wished to do post work and returned to Kiel, Germany. A Dr. Spellman was his replacement until  Dr. Sievers returned. Later, a Dr. Cadwaller did a term at Calumet around the year 1922 and was followed by a bachelor, whose name is forgotten. This unnamed doctor was not a successful surgeon, so he sold out and went to Denison. 2  Dr. Sievers had made the hospital grounds very pretty. In the back of the property there was a double rows of pines. A fountain and flower gardens graced the front yard. Last used as a hospital in 1926, the Calumet Hospital has been redone into a home. At the writing of the 1979 history, part of the old fountain could still be seen in the yard. The operating room was upstairs in the right corner of the house. 2

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Currently the hospital is being used as a private residence.